In the fast-paced world of concrete production, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Every detail needs to be accounted for in order to maintain the quality and stability of the concrete you are pouring. Technology has come a long way, with automation at the forefront of innovation for concrete batch plants. Adding automation technology to batching processes can help reduce the risks of bad batches, improve the quality of your current mix, and maintain solid production throughout your plant. 


Batch plant operations are doing away with manual processes and are seeing increased productivity and cost reduction with automation. By reducing the risk of human error throughout the batching process, concrete plants are producing more mixes at a higher rate and quality. These automatic processes streamline facilities’ operations by taking on material handling, mixing, batching, and temperature control, which allows for better consistency, accuracy, and repeatability at every stage of production. 

This optimization of processes then turns into greater cost savings by reducing waste and gaining efficiency at higher qualities. Automation controls throughout a facility ensure material handling is carefully controlled and everything is used efficiently, while eliminating waste and unnecessary expenses. Finally, with intuitive controls and automation technology, training and labor hours can be optimized within a plant to improve productivity and reduce unnecessary downtime.


Maintaining consistent quality is a delicate process, but it is essential for concrete batch plants. Automation controls ensure that every batch meets the highest standards by providing real-time monitoring and control for your mixes. Repeatable quality is achievable thanks to custom automation systems. Tracking the mixing and batching process remotely gives operators more awareness and control over the entire mixing operation. 

Automation can also help plants change ratios or make adjustments without having to sacrifice the quality or consistency of the product. The systems can be customized and adjusted to different standards as needed, all while producing a higher quality of concrete 


Safety is a top priority in any construction, warehouse, or manufacturing environment. The IntelliBatch team takes safety initiatives seriously, and we strive to help improve safety for our customers. Automation systems in concrete batch plants can help protect workers and create a safer environment. Advanced safety features are included in our custom panels and controls that help reduce risks of failure or mistakes within your facility. 

Integrating automation technology into your batch plant can also reduce the need for manual handling of materials and equipment, which can help prevent accidents or injuries. The tracking and data capabilities of these systems can also help identify potential safety concerns, hazards, or equipment failures before they do damage or cause injuries to your team. 


Automation technology has revolutionized the concrete industry. Batch plants are incorporating custom control panels and automation systems into their operations and are seeing a higher quality product, improved output, and enhanced safety in their facilities. 

IntelliBatch offers batch plant operators custom automation solutions to maximize their plant production capabilities, enhance quality control, improve safety, and achieve cost savings. Take your facility to the next level and leverage the power of automation with IntelliBatch.