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Unlock your bagging plant’s potential using IntelliBatch

Leverage an intuitive user-interface and configurability that maximizes your plant’s productivity while increasing efficiency and quality.


Add on our optional Maintenance Reminder System to prevent unnecessary downtime and keep your plant equipment running in optimal condition.


For in-depth visuals such as dashboard displays, tracking insights, reporting, and other metrics, contact us. 

  • Intuitive interface with graphics make it easy to understand operations
  • Clear and informative settings, alarms, and system events
  • Call a “mix design” with minimal clicks
  • Control the system from anywhere with tablets and remote operations stations
  • Switch bins while batching on the fly
  • Superior support and service with no required contract

  • Drive consistency with state-of-the-art mix design tools
  • Intelligent “weigh-up assistant” delivers fast and accurate material dispensing
  • Enhanced security features that allow only authorized personnel to edit mix design and system changes
  • Integrated calibration tools for scales
  • Audit system changes with system revision
  • Bulk bag label printing and ink-jet printing on bags and pallets
  • Custom “hand-add” control for high-value ingredients
  • Barcode integration to ensure proper packaging
  • Web-based quality reports including: production, inventory, material usage, and variances
  • Custom reports also available
  • Ensure proper routine maintenance with our Maintenance Reminder System
  • Easy to understand alarms with clear resolution descriptions
  • Alarm and event notification to key personnel via text and/or email alerts
  • Intuitive on-screen or push button manual control of any device
  • Easily diagnose field devices with a built-in I/O monitor
  • Web-based quality reports including: individual material weigh-up times, material and mix moistures, and bin levels
  • Custom Reports also available
  • Optimize plant production and efficiency through maximizing your equipment utilization
  • High availability and up-time with multiple stations for local control
  • Non-proprietary industrial hardwares
  • Communicate with Enterprise Systems via SQL integration
  • Deliver accountability through system activity and change tracking
  • OEE reporting with optimal system efficiency monitoring
  • Improve plant up time with downtime tracking
  • Accurate yard product inventory and scrap tracking with Product Tracking
  • Access bag weight history with check-weighing system integration
  • Reliable 24/7/365 support