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Unlock your block & paver plant’s potential with IntelliBatch

Leverage an intuitive user-interface and configurability that maximizes your plant’s productivity while increasing efficiency and quality. 


We serve all structural block and architectural paver applications within the Block & Paver industry.


Utilize our optional Maintenance Reminder System to prevent unnecessary downtime and keep your plant equipment running in optimal condition.


For in-depth visuals such as dashboard displays, tracking insights, reporting, and other metrics, contact us.

  • Operation made simple with our intuitive graphical user interface
  • Clear and informative settings, alarms, and system events
  • Call a “product design” with minimal clicks
  • Control the system from anywhere with tablets and remote operations stations
  • Adjust water and admix on the fly without any mix design modification per destination
  • Intelligent call system automatically initiates batches based on product demand
  • Superior support and service with no required contract
  • One-click “Create Last Batch” feature allows finishing product to run with virtually zero waste

  • Drive consistency with state-of-the-art product design tools that allow full control with “multi-tiered” product editor for repeatable, easy product design management
  • Face/Base product support with multiple face and base mixers
  • Product blending with multi-color mud feeding equipment provides precise and repeatable results
  • Intelligent “weigh-up assistant” delivers fast and accurate material dispensing
  • Enhanced security features that allow only authorized personnel to edit product design and system changes
  • Effective and repeatable color batches using Advanced Integrated Moisture control
  • Integratable with most color system providers
  • Audit system changes with system revision
  • Web-based quality reports including: production, inventory, material usage, variances, and much more
  • Custom reports are also available

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  • Ensure proper routine maintenance with our Maintenance Reminder system
  • Easy to understand alarms with clear resolution description
  • Alarm and event notification to key personnel via text and/or email alerts
  • Intuitive on-screen or push button manual control of any device
  • 20+ web-based reports including, but not limited to: individual material weigh-up times, material and mix moistures, and bin levels
  • Custom reports are also available
  • Easily diagnose field devices with a built-in I/O monitor

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  • Optimize plant production and efficiency through maximizing your equipment utilization
  • High availability and up-time with multiple stations for local control
  • Non-proprietary industrial hardware
  • Communicate with Enterprise systems via SQL integration
  • Deliver accountability through system activity and change tracking
  • OEE reporting with optimal system efficiency monitoring
  • Improve plant up time with downtime tracking
  • Accurate yard product inventory and scrap tracking with Product Tracking
  • Reliable 24/7/365 support