Quality assurance is essential in concrete batch plants. Creating and mixing strong, sound concrete requires key processes that check for quality at all stages of the operation. Part of these processes can include the integration of state-of-the-art technology and automation that keeps the plant certified and the product the highest quality possible. Here are a few considerations for your plant to ensure quality at all stages. 


The equipment in your batch plant can make all the difference in the production process. Regular calibration and quality checks on your equipment is crucial for ensuring everything is working properly and running smoothly. Set a regular maintenance and calibration schedule for your weight systems, moisture sensors, and temperature gauges and see that they are measuring as precisely as they should. Refer to industry and state specific guidelines as they vary by product and location.


Investing in custom control panels and automation technology can significantly improve the efficiency and quality of your plant operations. These systems offer precise control over the batching process, dispensing accurate amounts of materials and perfect mix timing and sequencing. Integrated control systems can also ensure consistency by monitoring and controlling the temperature, moisture, and consistency of the mixture. 

The custom automation features built into IntelliBatch’s controls reduce the risk of human error and maximizes the uptime of your machines during plant operations. Custom control systems and automation technology work together to improve the quality of your product and the efficiency of your plant. 


Along with efficiency upgrades and quality assurance integration, custom control panels through IntelliBatch offer a user-friendly interface, giving control operators confidence and reassurance while navigating an automated batching process. The intuitive user-focused controls make it easy to produce, track, and replicate different batches and formulas you need on any given day. Our team helps train users on how to operate the equipment, helping to maximize confidence and reduce the risk of errors. 


Take quality to the next level and mix stronger, more durable concrete with precise measurements, maintained equipment, and customized control systems. By designing and manufacturing custom panels in-house, the IntelliBatch team can help bring strong quality assurance practices to your batch plant. We work with customers throughout the industry to find customized solutions and deliver state-of-the-art technology. Improve your batch plant operations with increased quality assurance with IntelliBatch.