Mixing high-quality concrete requires a combination of the right materials, the optimal mixes, and efficient technology. When each of these components are working properly, batch plants can achieve maximum production at the highest quality. Optimizing materials, mix, and systems can improve the way a concrete plant operates and—with the right partner—it is readily achievable.


Focusing on mix design optimization is an ongoing process. Utilizing historical plant data, laboratory testing, and industry standards, batch plants regularly check their materials, ratios, and practices to ensure the highest quality concrete is being made. Combining mix design optimization with effective concrete handling solutions can shift the way concrete is mixed and delivered in your facility. Integrating concrete  handling equipment into your existing systems will minimize material waste, improve inventory management, and can enhance overall operational efficiency, simultaneously improving the product’s quality.


New technology and customized equipment can also improve your plant efficiency and operations. Integrating a customized batching automation system to your batch plant will streamline your batching process and minimize unnecessary operator interactions. Automation technology enables precision accuracy and consistent proportions of material mixes. With this kind of control over your operation, you will produce strong, durable, and high-quality concrete while reducing human error that may come with extra manual steps or constant maintenance and supervision. 


Refining your concrete mix design is essential for achieving superior results in the production of high-quality concrete products. By focusing on materials, processes, and technology within your facility, your product will be a consistently strong, high-quality mix. Achieving optimal concrete mix design is made easier with IntelliBatch. IntelliBatch utilizes technology in automation and control systems which enables quality control, optimized equipment sequences, and intuitive customizable operator interfaces.

Leverage IntelliBatch’s streamlined batching automation and customizable control features to elevate your concrete production. Explore solutions that are right for your plant, and request a demo today to see how IntelliBatch can help enhance the product quality throughout your facility.