A batch plant is a facility that produces concrete by mixing cement, aggregates, water, and admixtures. The process of measuring, mixing, and delivering these materials to create concrete products is what encompasses a batch plant operation. These are the facilities in which the IntelliBatch team serves every day.

A batch plant operation typically involves the following:

  • Receiving and storing materials. The first step in a batch plant operation is to receive and store the materials that will be used to make concrete products. These materials include cement, aggregates, water, and admixtures. The materials are typically stored in silos or bins.
  • Batching materials. Once the materials have been received and stored, they need to be batched. This is where the magic of IntelliBatch happens. It involves measuring the correct amount of each material and loading it into the mixer. With IntelliBatch, the batching process is automated and intelligently controlled.
  • Mixing concrete. The next step is to mix the concrete. This is done in a mixer, which combines the materials and mixes them until they are evenly distributed. Mixing time depends on the type of concrete being made and the type of mixer used. IntelliBatch allows complete control of how and when the materials enter the mixer.
  • Delivering concrete. Once the concrete has been mixed, it’s ready to be delivered to the production equipment..

A batch plant’s operation is critical to the concrete production process. It ensures the concrete products are made correctly and to an end user’s specifications.

Key factors that affect the batch plant operation:

  • Accuracy of the batching process
  • Quality of materials
  • Mixing time
  • Temperature of materials
  • Cleanliness of the mixer

By carefully controlling these factors, a batch plant operator can optimize the plant’s operation. Contact the IntelliBatch team to learn more about its concrete batching systems. IntelliBatch is a leading provider of concrete batching control systems. With systems designed to automate a plant’s operations, improve its efficiency, and reduce costs, the IntelliBatch team of engineers can help you to manage your concrete batching plant.