Concrete batch plants are used to mix the ingredients of concrete, including water, cement, aggregates, and admixtures. Each type of plant has its own advantages and disadvantages. As your go-to resource in concrete batching, the IntelliBatch by Egan Company team has solutions for many batch plant needs.

Dry Mix Concrete Plants

Dry mix concrete plants, also known as transit mix plants, are the most common type of concrete batch plant. They are relatively simple and cost-effective to operate; they can also be moved from site to site. These plants require more water to be added at the point of use, which can affect the quality of the concrete.

Wet Mix Concrete Plants

Wet mix concrete plants mix all ingredients of concrete together at the plant, including water. This results in a more consistent product, but it also requires more equipment and is more expensive to operate. Wet mix concrete plants are typically used for large projects that require a high volume of concrete.

Mobile Concrete Batch Plants

Mobile concrete batch plants are a type of wet mix concrete plant that can be moved from site to site. They are typically smaller than stationary concrete batch plants, but they offer the same advantages of consistency and quality. Mobile concrete batch plants are a good option for projects that are located in remote areas or that require a lot of flexibility.

Stationary Concrete Batch Plants

Stationary concrete batch plants are the largest and most complex type of concrete batch plant. They are typically used for large, long-term projects. Stationary concrete batch plants offer the highest degree of consistency and quality, but they are also the most expensive to operate.

Which Type of Concrete Batch Plant is Right for You?

The type of concrete batch plant that is right for you will depend on the specific needs of your project(s). If you are working on a small project that does not require a lot of concrete, a dry mix concrete plant may be a good option. If you are working on large projects that require a high volume of concrete, a wet mix concrete plant or a mobile concrete batch plant may be a better choice.

Concrete batch plants account for a large part of the concrete industry. They allow for the consistent and efficient production of concrete, essential for a variety of construction projects. With over 30 years of experience customizing features and intelligent capabilities, the IntelliBatch team can create a next generation batching system to fit the needs of your operation. Contact us to learn more.